A Moment of ZEN - Three Ways To Fill Your Cup!

Three Ways To Fill Your Cup and Wind Down While You prepare For Tomorrow.

Hello, You Beautiful, Busy & Creative Human!

Florist or not, it has become more and more challenging for each of us to jump off the hamster wheel of productivity to fill our cups.
A transitional phase is a lot to absorb while maintaining our relationships, careers, hobbies, goals, and all the things on our long, never-ending to-do lists. Balancing it all perfectly is impossible. As our world continues to shift, protecting your energy and refueling to offer your skills is a must!
 This is EXACTLY why I am here friend—helping you pave the path of prioritizing yourself by building a non-negotiable ME moment into your week, from the foundation up! These Three Ways that I fill my cup can become your new go to rescues.
Of course, everyone has custom-tailored needs, so make sure your leave behind what does not resonate with you and build in what your body and mind crave! We are here to refuel our best creative selves!
Achieving consistency is a dynamic balance of letting stuff go during this daily practice and letting go of the quality of that practice each day, and showing up for yourself out of love, not discipline. This is precisely where the magic meets the work.

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in work." -Aristotle.

Greek philosophers tend to avoid nonsense and keep things sweet and short. This quote by Aristotle reminds us to enjoy what we do each moment and focus less on the process's result or perfection.
Just do and do for you!
Focus on the moment, on what you are doing.
 Let go of perfection and enjoy your work.
 When it's peak wedding season, these rituals sometimes get partially done or rushed through, but somewhere along the way, I am forced to reconnect with me. Not the Florist, the Partner, the Care Taker, The Employer, or the Creative - ME. Before all the titles.
I suggest that you find 1 hour alone, get still and reconnect doing something for you. I call it "Coming Home." The self-care rituals I have shared in the below linked video is less about the results of the tasks or even the tasks themselves.
Instead, they move my busy body into a state of slowness and inner connection.
After all, as a creative, this is where all the good we offer comes from! We are all absorbing massive amounts of information during our days and this can put you on a path of reproducing what you are seeing rather than letting your originality come forward. Stay in your lane, there's less traffic. 
So tap into that big beautiful brain and heart and reconnect with your voice.
That is your actual job on this earth. To share that.
Give this set of rituals a shot when that couch and TV call your name. I promise that whatever day tomorrow is for you, it's bound to be better after a moment of Zen. So selfishly carve out that one whole hour!
No doubt this is going to be awkward your first time. No doubt you may have wanted to roll your eyes a little. I don't blame you. You better believe I did when it was suggested to me.
The power of what you already know is real. The intuition you ignore could be the advice you need. You are the one who ends up having the right answer even when you seek advice. Am I right?
This is not about being a "Know it All" and more about trusting yourself.
If you have found yourself a Mom title and you feel like you're never alone or you run an entire team, No doubt you have found yourself alone with problems and had to go through the process of finding the answer.
What if you knew ahead of time that you would feel that way, learned how you were going to respond and knew how to navigate it gracefully? Before the deer in headlights moment. Now tell me what's more awkward than that!?
I can promise that with a small effort the practice of writing notes from the future you to the now you will reap rewards. But, eye rolls and Woo aside, if you haven't given your inner intuitions a chance, you are likely blocking some powerful blessing and peace. We each have a sense of knowing as each of Mother's Natures creatures do. This is simply an exercise in letting whats in come out.
Give these newly found gifts to yourself this week, and drop me an email or a DM on Instagram to let me know how it's going or how it's not going!
Until the next moment of Zen my friend,
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