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         I have a resource packed letter full of sustainable floristry tips for at home hobbyist and advance skillsets so get cozy and let's dive in!

When I discovered Pin Cups, I felt like I had unlocked an ancient secret that solved all of those awkward floral design moments in customers’ homes around precious heirlooms and teak table tops.

Quandaries I had longed to resolve, such as, how am I going to get this vase to fit on that skinny little fireplace ledge?

It was at a high-profile client home - Shoe cover booties and all just a ripe 25-year-old florist, and the fireplace and I were in a stand-off with geometry. They sent me in solo. Needless to say, I was freaked out.

How am I getting a round vase on this skinny square ledge? Things were quickly not adding up, and let's just say my solution was not as elegant as an easily disguised set of pin-cups. How did I find myself in this jam?

Sometimes as a florist, you are asked to perform tasks that leave you wishing you had the gift of witchcraft. Or something "seems" like it will be simple, until you find yourself there. In some ways, our floristry hacks can seem like pure magic but are masterfully often born from desperate oh shit moments at a wedding or in my case that December day of pure panic.

From creating a magical floaty bar menu moment to an avant-garde mono-bloom feature on the corner of a concrete fireplace, pin cups are your friend! If my fireplace face-off didn't make you want to add these to your kit or home styling collection, here are my top Six Reasons You Should Consider these no-prep vessels.

  • Heavy Weighted
  • Water Tight
  • Foam Free Alternative
  • Reusable 
  • Easily Disguised
  • Delivered in Paper Packaging

Just the magic you need in your setup kit or studio styling zone.

Here are Three of My Favorite Ways To Use Pin Cups. First, let’s get you connected with your Pin Cup plug - Floral Genius 

 --> Floral Genius Pin Cups



Featured in the below link, you can watch a short time-lapse of our Tulip & Textures Tablescape. Created using pin frogs in shallow wood-proofing bowls. 


- Tulips & Textures Tablescape By CFC - Inspired by the coast and canyons of Southern California.

Pin Cups Short

This look was created using three 2' x 4" wood troughs with a loaf or oval like shape down an eight-foot dinning table. I started with placing two 3"x 2" rectangular pin cup in each trough and filling the pin cups with water. 

Starting with the most gestural stem building out the "skeleton" or overall scale and shape of the design. Starting here with purposeful gaps in the arrangements that keep your eye moving down the table, leaving room for glassware and candlelight. Taking your time to build this and the strategy for the next few placements can save you time when creating in production quantities.

Next adding in the heavier blooms and soft stems to ensure the large flowers have ample water and space and the gentle spring stems have a chance to be placed safely unharmed into the design making sure they last throughout the event. It is most cases best to play your large stems off your delicate flowers visually.

This lush floral runner tablescape is finished with grass textures and the season's peak of Bronze Calendula  <- A Link to seeds so you can grow your own! 

Links To Goods Used In Videos

- Wood Proofing Bowls - Anything Rustic

- Pin Cups - Harmony Harvest  Floral Genius



Image Details

Photography - Joey Espina

Using pin cups can help to create sculptural botanical styled arrangements for podiums and be of great use to a studio florist looking to craft a picture perfect moment without the vase prep! 


#3 DIY IT 

Image Details

Photography - Anna Linduska

Used in the above image to soften the foot of this forsythia tree installation. Creating your own pin cups from Flower Frogs is easy. Place your pin frog in a water tight clay vessel or as seen above a clear glass dish using plumbers putty or Florist Putty to secure the frog to the water tight vessel. Make sure the vessel has at least a two to three inches of water reservoir for proper flower hydration. 


I hope you give these pin cups a try and this has fueled you or added to your floristry toolbox in more ways than one! Get out there and share your experience and be sure to tag us in your creations using pin cups on instagram.

Until next week friend! 


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