We Don’t Do Trends. Your Florals Will Be Visionary Yet Timeless.

"As a Creator brand, Crimson Floral Co. is all about creating from a place of value, timelessness, joy, and
inspiration. At our core, we are artists and what we do is about creating. Our medium happens to be florals."

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17 Years in Event Floristry

With a collection of inventory curated throughout the years,
Decade-plus of botanical sources & native born knowledge of our Orange County Community we bring your vision to fruition with our trustworthy team of talented designers and vendors to ensure, high-grade florals and goods are crafted to excellence for each of our patrons celebrations.

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Our Creative Process


We initiate the project with an in-depth discovery phase, immersing ourselves in the clients vision, targeting likes and dislikes while gathering inspiration. Our proposal Includes renderings, concept, color + botanical curation, Invoice, contract and retainer payment links. CFC is dedicated to aligning our creative direction with the essence of the vision in mind.


With a solid understanding of the event post proposal review & revision, the CFC team gets to work scheduling the walkthrough and mock up dates, generates innovative ideas and floral recipes, sourcing from farmers and wholesalers, working in house with the CFC team to create props and prepare our onsite plan to bring the greatest impact of the clients investment to life. 

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