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Ever crawl into bed at the end of a long day, greeted by your favorite fragrance? Spending more time indoors had us craving our favorite outdoor smells, so we worked hard to perfect the best baby and dog-safe spritz for that mood boost or wind-down ritual.

Start your day with a freshly made bed and give a mist of our Garden Rose Campfire fragrance to your sheets and pillows. Always a guaranteed smile when it hits your nose!

Need a little indoor Lux vibe maker other than your candle?

Custom Fragrances:

- Garden Rose Campfire
- Jasmine Ginger
- Orange Blossom & Tabacco Leaf

Here’s feedback from our fearless testers:

- “In my opinion, it Works 10x better frebreeze and looks 100x nicer. You’ll want to keep this bottle out as decor.”

- “We have a baby and a dog, but this room spray keeps our home smelling pleasant and cozy!

- It “Smells like home,” honestly. I love using it on our fabric furniture and right before guests walk in. Men seem to enjoy this scent, as well!”

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